Aramingo and Kensington Business Associations Annual Meeting

Casbah Caterer’s was standing room only as the Aramingo Business Association (ABA) welcomed the Kensington and Allegheny Business Association (KABA) to their Annual Pre-Holiday affair.  The meeting was very enjoyable and most informative.  City Officials from 24th Police District, L&I, Philadelphia Water Department, and the District Attorney’s office outlined their vision and plans for the […]

Getting ready for Streetscape plans on Aramingo Avenue

The Aramingo Ave. Shopping District presents a remarkable opportunity to spearhead green stormwater infrastructure development in Philadelphia. Much of the commercial district is composed of big box retailers with suburban style layouts and large underutilized parking lots. A stormwater management strategy along the corridor will save business owners money on their projected increased stormwater utility […]

Aramingo Business Association

Impact Services Corporation (Impact)’s activities along Aramingo Ave. have combined business savvy with concerted community/business organizing efforts over an eight year period. Impact’s leadership has brought about significant positive changes on Aramingo Avenue and in the residential neighborhoods surrounding it.