About Aramingo Business Association

  • About Aramingo Business Association

ARAMINGO AVE : Impact Services leadership has brought about significant positive changes on Aramingo Avenue and in the residential neighborhoods surrounding it. Signature events have marked the success of Impact’s efforts along Aramingo Ave.:

The creation of the Aramingo Ave. Business Association (ABA): Impact formedABA with ten (10) original members in March of 2005; today ABA has grown to one-hundred and twenty five (125) businesses who meet monthly. Under Impact’s management, ABA has developed a shared vision and a coordinated marketing strategy for the commercial shopping district.

The creation of the Aramingo Business Improvement District (Aramingo BID) in April 2008: Impact began organizing the BID in 2006 through discussions with the businesses on and near Aramingo Ave. The BID was authorized by City Council in April 2008 and started operations in April 2009. The initial BID budget was $262,612 and has grown to $370,683 for 2013-2014 as a result of new commercial development on the corridor.



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